E-10 Gas: What You Should Know

There are a lot of questions about what will or can happen if E-10 gas is used in Outdoor Power Equipment. Hopefully I can help you with some info. We will be adding to this page as more info comes in. WE NOW STOCK SEF = SMALL ENGINE FUEL,,40 to 1 ,50 to 1, gas with no oil,94 octane.....
E-10 gas means that 10% ethanol has been added to the gas. Ethanol is an alcohol, this attracts water in many forms like frost, ice, moisture, snow, and direct water input.When this mixes with ethanol it makes it heavier and pulls the ethanol and water down to bottom of tank.Now what is left is a lower octane gas. small engines do not like straight ethanol or water, your motor at this time can be damaged. The separation of gas and ethanol is call phase separation. Some additives out there do not help with phase separation and water. DO NOT ADD DRY GAS,HEAT DRY GAS, or Any product like this. Think about it, if you have 10 gal. of gas, you have 1 gal. of ethanol in it now.
Now if you have a 2 cycle motor on your equipment here is some info. 2 cycle means that you have to mix a special motor oil with gas or oil is injected into the gas system which runs your motor. If phase separation happens it most likely pulls the oil out of your gas mixture. This will cause some of these problems. Oil can fill your gas line and carb. if the gas line comes out of the bottom of your tank. Motor will not start,, GOOD,, because if it did you could destroy your motor. Your gas has gone into phase separation and will not remix again. Any mixed gas that you are using, like in saws, trimmers, etc, needs to be shaken good before using. Also shake saw, etc. if gas is in it.  This will mix oil in again.. note .. you must use a additive to keep gas from separating and only mix up what you will use in 2 to 3 weeks.. using a gas stabilizer additive will not help E-10 gas now. It must be an additive that prevents phase separation,, like K100 .. there are other products out there, but some do not do many different things.. IE  , product needs to prevent phase separation, control water so it can be burnt in gas mix, stabilize gas, and add octane, also help with lube. The shelf life on E-10 gas is 3 months max .. who knows how long it has sat in the storage tanks before you bought it. So don't buy a summers worth of gas, unless you want to waste your money.. NOW back to 2 cycle , if you have a snowmobile or atv that is oil injected, this seems to be working. Put some mixing oil in with your gas, now don't get nuts and dump in a qt. only 2 or 3 oz. use K100, set jets a little richer, some people use high test gas. keep speed under 200 mph !!! ok, you will live longer & so might your motor..// The BIG thing is keep gas fresh, use an additive, and keep water out of gas can . A web site to see is k100fueltreatment.com will help with questions you might have. Snowblowers along with summer equipment can have problems also. If your equipment sits more than15 days, the gas can separate. this puts the ethanol with any water will go to the bottom off your tank. If the gas outlet is on the bottom of the tank, it will get a dose into carb.. Ethanol loosens up gumming, and crud etc. sending it in to fuel system,clogging carb..Problems like jammed needle seats open , dumping gas into base where the oil is, diluting oil and increasing level. NOT GOOD...might even clog carb. so it will not run right or stop running. When spring comes and you are going to put equipment back in service,,PLEASE do not mix the E-10 gas in with mtbe gas. IF you did stabilize the old gas, and  motor runs, then drive or mow  until it runs out of gas. Then check for any water in tank,use a flashlight not a match please. Remove water and add E-10 gas and a additive.* NOTE *If your motor does not run like it use to, it could be gas related, don't blame your repair shop first or the equipment. Expect some problems to happen due to the gas until every one gets into the habit of what to due every time you buy gas.. UPDATE We are finding that gas lines are getting eaten from inside out from ethanol,this puts it in your carb.clogging it up.If you have to run motor on choke or motor is pulsing up and down,problems have started.Rubber parts are getting damaged form ethanol.Metal parts are rusting from water,and corrosion will happen in carbs.If possible when not using your equipment,turn off gas and run gas line and carb dry.CARS are not getting good mileage with this gas,they have 4-6-8 cyl... your mowers,blowers etc. only have 1-2 cyls.They will not run the same either..MORE TO COME LATER /   JIM

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